Why Hire an Attorney to Handle My Personal Injury Case?

Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Last Updated on: 12th September 2018, 06:06 pm

When you have been injured in an accident in California, the last thing that you want to take chances with is your future. However, your future is exactly what is on the line when you are facing high medical bills, lost wages, permanent impairment, and psychological injuries. To help you understand your rights and what the best options for recovering compensation are moving forward, contact a San Diego personal injury attorney. An attorney can aid you in seeking the damages that you deserve!

Explaining Your Recovery Options

Knowing the steps to take after a serious injury can be confusing – this is one of the reasons that hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your case can be very helpful. A personal injury attorney will explain to you your recovery options, usually either filing a claim with an insurance company (for example, after a car accident) or filing a lawsuit directly against the at-fault party. A consultation with the personal injury attorneys at Berman & Riedel, LLP where you can discuss your case in more detail is free of charge.

Proving Fault and Damages

A personal injury lawyer is also beneficial when it comes to proving fault, liability, and damages. Without establishing these three elements, the recovery of compensation is not possible. Proving fault can be complicated to do, and if you are found to be even slightly responsible for your injuries, your compensation amount can be reduced proportionately per California law. Further, you must not only prove the fault of the responsible party, but also prove that your injuries would not have been incurred but for his or her negligence, and that you suffered damages (economic or otherwise) as a direct result.

Negotiating for a Fair Settlement Amount

A personal injury attorney is responsible for reviewing a settlement offer before you accept it, providing you with an informed opinion as to whether or not the settlement offer fully covers your damages, and negotiating on your behalf if and when it does not. Without an attorney on your side to advocate for you, you may be pressured into accepting a settlement offer that does not do the harm that you suffered justice.

Representing You In Court

In some cases, an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached. When this is the case, your claim will likely go to court. During litigation, your attorney will be responsible for organizing your case, building a strong argument, presenting your case before a court, and proving why you deserve compensation. Having a professional legal representative during the litigation phase of a personal injury claim improves the chances of your case being successful.

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About Berman & Riedel, LLP firm managing partner attorney William M. Berman:

Attorney William M. Berman focuses his practice in the areas of catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death and elder abuse and neglect. Strictly a plaintiffs’ dedicated firm, he never represents insurance companies in the defense of claims. Mr. Berman’s firm remains staunchly committed to helping those who have suffered serious injury or loss due the negligence, intentional misconduct or wrongful acts of others.

Mr. Berman has grown his firm to what is considered one of the largest and most successful elder abuse/neglect practices within California. Through his continued successes in handling claims involving nursing home and elder abuse and neglect, Mr. Berman remains a prominent figure in advocating on behalf of this vulnerable class of citizens.

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