Medical Malpractice Case Results

Medical Malpractice/Permanent Blindness and Brain Damage – Plaintiff, a 56-year-old airline industry engineer, was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. His doctor recommended surgery, informing plaintiff that he would be back to work within one month of the surgery. Although the modern standard of care called for defendant surgeon to remove the tumor through a transphenoidal approach, the defendant surgeon chose to perform a craniotomy, a methodology over 30 years outdated, inappropriate under the circumstances, and unreasonably dangerous. As a result of the inappropriate and incompetently performed procedure, plaintiff suffered permanent total blindness and debilitating brain damage. Despite mounting an aggressive defense, the insurance carrier for the negligent surgeon agreed to pay plaintiff $2,000,000.00 in present value settlement. The amount recovered was further structured to ensure that plaintiff was guaranteed to receive top quality medical care for the remainder of his life, regardless of how long he lives.

Professional Negligence / Medical Malpractice– The firm represented the interests of an 18-year-old woman and her parents after negligent medical treatment left the 18-year-old in intensive care for several weeks and caused a loss of use of her left lung. Shortly after her admission to the hospital for the removal of a benign brain tumor, her parents noticed that food was backing out of her feeding tube, and that she was having difficulty breathing. Suspecting problems with the feeding tube, her parents pleaded with several doctors and staff to remove the tube, but the doctors and staff refused. The next evening, the treating physicians finally recognized that the feeding tube had been improperly inserted into the woman’s left lung rather than her stomach. By that time, however, her left lung had been severely damaged. Over the next four months the woman remained in critical condition in the ICU, where she underwent several surgeries to repair her damaged left lung. During this time, her family was called to the hospital on numerous occasions due to concerns that the woman might die. Ultimately, she was stabilized and was released from the hospital. Although she will require the assistance of oxygen for the remainder of her life, she has resumed her life, recently returning to college in hope of obtaining a medical degree. During litigation against the facility and treating physicians, the firm was able to obtain settlement on behalf of the woman and her parents for $1,500,000.00.

Disclaimer: Case results as reported above were derived based upon facts and circumstances specific to each separately reported case and publication of such case results is for informational purposes only and by no means is intended to constitute any representation or guarantee of a similar result for your prospective case.