Types of Elder Care Facilities

If you are just getting started with your elder care facility research, be sure to read our helpful tips for evaluating nursing homes listed below.

Research a Nursing Home’s History & Records

As law firm that specializes in nursing home and elder care cases, we understand the importance of taking proactive measures and researching a nursing home or care facility when looking for the right fit for you or your loved one. Fortunately a nursing home’s history and records are made available to the public by the California Department of Public Health. They provide comprehensive listings of all Nursing Home Class AA Citations, which are citations for violations which the department has determined to have been the “direct proximate cause of death of a resident or patient of a long-term care facility.” Also, you can type in the name of a specific facility and find out information regarding any citations, which the department has issued against that nursing home.

We also recommend studying the comprehensive list of nursing homes provided by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform. By viewing the list for your county at http://www.canhr.org/NH_Data/CountyMenuHTML.html you can find information regarding the number of citations issued against a facility, as well as the severity or “class” of the citation and the last time the facility was inspected. You may even notice whether a particular facility is improving its quality of care by looking for an increase or decrease in citations issued over time.