Fall Incidents Resulting in Injury

Falls and accidents are a serious concern for almost all care facility residents.  Approximately 50 percent of residents fall annually and 10 percent of these falls result in serious injury, particularly hip fractures.

Nursing homes and other types of care facilities must examine risk factors which cause falls and accidents and take these steps to limit the risks:

  • Keep the resident environment as free of accident hazards as possible
  • Give each resident adequate supervision to prevent accidents
  • Use assistive devices to help improve resident safety

If a resident has fallen or been injured or is considered to be at risk, his or her care plan must individually address this concern and identify steps that will be taken to improve safety.

At Berman & Riedel, LLP, our attorneys have a complete understanding of the duty of care which nursing home and other rehabilitative or care facilities owe to you or a loved one in preventing fall incidents.Our firm has represented many clients throughout California in litigation against care facilities that failed to prevent the risk of falls or failed to carry out a fall-prevention plan for its residents.

If you believe a care facility did not properly protect against the risk of fall or plan or execute a fall-prevention plan for yourself or a loved one, please contact an elder abuse attorney at Berman & Riedel, LLP to discuss your legal options.