Bedsores / Decubitus Ulcers

The San Diego decubitus ulcer attorneys at our firm have handled a number of cases in which nursing home patients have developed this serious condition as a result of elder negligence or elder abuse. Decubitus ulcers, also commonly referred to as bedsores or pressure ulcers, are lesions that impact the integrity of the skin – a medical issue commonly caused by skin breakdown due to a lack of proper care. Bedsores are caused by many care-related factors, including, but not limited to: unrelieved pressure, friction, shearing forces, temperature, age, incontinence and improper nourishment, hydration and/or medication. Although easily prevented and completely treatable if found early, bedsores can be fatal to an older person, even under the auspices of medical care.

An elder care facility breaches its duty of care owed to a resident if it fails to prevent and treat bedsores by not following generally accepted medical practices regarding skin care. For example, an elder care facility can be liable for damages if it fails to regularly rotate a bed-ridden resident, or if it fails to utilize a pressure relieving mattress to prevent the increase in size or depth of an already known existing bedsore. Improperly treated bedsores can lead to severe medical complication, including infection and/or death. If someone you love has suffered unnecessarily from a serious bed sore while under the care of a negligent nursing staff, contact our firm today to discuss the details of your case.

At Berman & Riedel, LLP, our attorneys have a complete understanding of the causal factors of bedsores as well as the duty of care that facilities owe to you or a loved one in preventing and treating bedsores. The San Diego bed sores attorneys at our firm have represented many clients in litigating elder neglect cases stemming from the development and progression of bedsores, and are proud to have aggressively advocated for each and every client, thereby successfully obtaining the best possible results given the facility’s failure to prevent and/or treat such bedsores.

If you or a loved one suffered or suffers from bedsores, we can offer the experience and skill necessary to provide you with sound advice on what your rights may be under existing California law. Contact a San Diego pressure ulcers attorney at Berman & Riedel, LLP to discuss your legal options.