Proposed Legislative Changes to Fight Elder Abuse

Last Updated on: 4th November 2021, 03:14 pm

Great to see legislative action taking place to protect and support our elderly.

California assembly member Quirk-Silva proposed an amended and new section to the Penal Code felipe calderonrelating to Elder Abuse.

The new additions to section 13515 would include extended training for police members about the legal rights and remedies available to victims of elder abuse. These include educating police forces about the emergency protective and restraining orders available specifically for the elderly. The proposed amendments also include requirements for updated course instructions on elder abuse that would take place every two years.

Quirk-Silva also drafted a new section. Section 368.7 submits that all peace officers who respond to elder abuse incidents be provided with a card that lists the Welfare and Institutions Code definition of elder abuse. The card would also include numbers for local agencies relating to elder abuse prevention, such as adult protective services.

These proposed changes are positive steps towards improving conditions for the elderly and would help empower law enforcement.

The proposed Assembly Bill No. 2623 can be found here:

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