San Diego Burn Injuries Lawyer

Burn injuries are caused by a variety of factors such as heat, electricity, chemicals, friction or radiation and are described in various degrees known as first, second, or third. Burns that affect the outermost layer of the skin are referred to as first degree burns and most associated with sunburns. When damage penetrates into the underlying layers of skin and blisters appear, the burn has now become a second degree burn. Third degree burns affect all layers of the skin and involves deeper tissues such as the muscle, nerves, or bone.

Treatment required depends on the severity of the burn. Superficial, or first degree burns, require little more than pain relievers and aloe. Major burns may require prolonged treatment and care at specialized burn centers. More severe third degree burns usually require surgical treatments such as skin grafting or plastic surgery.

Given the seriousness of burn injuries, it is important for a victim to retain attorneys who have a great understanding of these types of personal injury. At Berman and Riedel, LLP, our experience in handling these types of cases allow us to work closely with your medical treatment facilities and our experts to ensure that every effort is made for a chance at a full recovery.

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious burn injury, Berman and Riedel, LLP, can offer the experience and skill necessary to provide you with sound advice on how to protect your legal rights. Contact an attorney at Berman and Riedel, LLP to discuss your legal options. Consultations are always free of charge.